Thursday, February 3, 2011
Previously i got a white ultra wide and slim camera from Filmsnapsnap !
I was really excited when i saw it in my mailbox that afternoon! I really like the fact that its has a really wide lens
Saw the details? i never expect to see such clear picture at all. Totally love the details!
This was taken at the void deck. Clearly the photo isn't as bright as the photo above, but don't you just love the effect??

Absolutely love this photo:D:D  The wide lens capture the lovely blocks in my school.

My friends look really happy and natural in this photo right ?? (:

This was taken indoors. Really wished that there is a flash for this camera .
Just checked out filmsnapsnap before i posted this. They have added new colors for Ultra wide and slim.
I'm loving the hot pink one.

Ultra wide and Slim is easy to set up, at least to me. and there is no need for editing the photos, all is natural :D Don't you just love the vintage effect ?? (:


FilmSnap said...

Just posted your photos here
and here for your reviews.can i post it at filmsnap facebook for your blog post?can share your photos at filmsnap facebook fanpage?

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